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Whether for your home or for your business, few things matter more than good plumbing. The stronger and more efficient your pipes and fixtures, the fewer leaks, water quality issues, and other problems you'll suffer down the road. Tru-Flo Plumbing is committed to making sure that your plumbing system is set up properly from the beginning. As a new construction plumber operating throughout Wayne and Oakland counties, we tailor our services to the unique size, shape, and water supply of your house, laying a solid foundation for flawless future plumbing.

The Critical Role of New Construction Plumbing

It's hard to overestimate the importance of new construction plumbing for your house or office. The better the initial plumbing work, the fewer problems you'll have with:

  • Piping Materials- Many water quality issues result from using pipes and other plumbing equipment made from outdated or hazardous materials. Tru-Flo minimizes this problem by investing in the safest and most reliable plumbing materials on the market. This has the added benefit of making leaks less likely, so you can enjoy quality water at consistent price and pressure.
  • Pipe Size- In addition to the materials used to make the pipes, leaks and other issues are often the result of pipes that are the wrong size. When pipes don't fit well together, water tends to leak out of them or build up inside at high pressure; this can lead to metal fatigue, rust, and a host of other issues that spiral out of control fast. By carefully determining what size each of your pipes needs to be, we eliminate these problems and keep everything functioning smoothly.
  • Root Penetration- If pipes are located too close to trees, the roots from those trees can come into contact with them and eventually break them open. This leads to leaks, clogs, and other problems that are difficult to resolve once they occur. We place your pipes strategically so that there is little to no risk of a root getting inside.

It's important to think of plumbing for a new building as an investment, not as an expense. Spending more money up front in order to get better equipment and service will yield enormous dividends down the road. Not only will your family and employees have access to a more consistent water supply at better quality, but you wont have to spend as much money repairing and replacing pipes later on. Your water bill will also be lower, as you won't have as many leaks that waste the water. In short, it always pays to invest in the best when installing plumbing on a new building.

Tru-Flo holds itself to the highest standards of quality and efficiency in all new installation and other plumbing jobs. For more information or to request our services, contact us today.